EDI Training

We work closely with organisations to develop the most appropriate training and support to meet their organisational needs and priorities. We can provide the EDI experience, knowledge and expertise that may not be available 'in-house'. This approach can prove the most efficient use of resources, best value for money and cost effective.

EDI Training: Introduction and overview

Delivered face to face according to organisational timeframes (2.5 hours to 3.5 hours is a good average, however it can be delivered in 2 hours if needed). This is tailor-made for your organisation.

Course outline:

  • What does EDI mean – defining concepts
  • Why EDI is important, and the benefits
  • Unconscious bias
  • Sector-specific EDI – overview
  • Your organisation's EDI policy
  • Responsibilities under the Law (Equality Act 2010); Regulations
  • Protected Characteristics
  • Types of Discrimination
  • (In)Appropriate use of Language and Terminology

"Great session, learned a lot about about how in-depth EDI is, its various meanings and how it affects myself and others within a workplace/everyday life... opened my eyes!" – Feedback from a participant, May 2021

Specialist EDI themed educational seminars (online)

These seminars are focused, bite-sized spotlight sessions (1 hour in duration – 30/40 minute specialist presentation, followed by a 20/25 minute Q&A) looking at key EDI themes delivered by expert speakers from different disciplines, professional backgrounds and lived experiences. Themes include LGBTQI+ inclusion, race and ethnicity, mental health, disability, safeguarding, education, transgender inclusion and allyship.

"I have attended several of these webinars. I would just like to say how impressive I have found them. They have all been well-structured, well-hosted, extremely educational and informative... and the speakers have been excellent." – (Trustee EDI Lead, Lincoln City Foundation, 2021)

For further information, please contact:

Dr Michael Seeraj (Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)


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