Starting back

On Saturday 13 June, CACT reopened its community 3G pitch for some projects.

CACT understands that the risk of COVID-19 is very concerning with the outcome of contracting the virus being very serious for many people. It is vital that CACT makes the necessary changes to its programmes, ensuring to the best of our abilities the safety of attendees, staff and members of the public. CACT is looking to provide this opportunity for young people in response to what over recent weeks has been a noticeable increase in sporting activity taking place in public areas. At times, this has involved large numbers of young people congregating. We have also had to stop large groups entering our community pitch who were attempting to climb over the fence. We feel the better option is to open the facility for limited periods therefore facilitating and overseeing the safe use of our pitch by young people.

At this moment, CACT uses the pitch to run the following programmes:

Premier League Kicks diversionary sessions.

Click here to read the full plan CACT has put together for resuming Kicks sessions while ensuring it continues to follow government guidelines.

Holiday Football Courses

Post-16 Academy

Plan summary

· CACT pitch to be divided up into 4 areas

· Initial attendees to be known to CACT and invited to attend

· Young people from Greenwich and Bexley can register their interest via email to

· 4 young people will be allocated a 1-hour slot in each of the 4 areas of the pitch

· They must remain in their allocated area and always remain 2 metres apart

· Each pairing will be provided with cones, 2 footballs and a goal to use

· The equipment provided will be colour-coded to correspond with a colour-coded area

· 10-minute gaps to be scheduled in between each session for site clearing and equipment cleaning

· CACT coaches will not deliver any structured sessions

CACT Premier League Kicks leaflet, June 2020-1.jpg

· CACT coaches will manage all aspects of safety while young people are on site

· Competitive football will not be allowed

· Young people will be encouraged to focus their training around fitness, passing and shooting

· No spectators are allowed on site unless required to administer medication in a medical emergency

· CACT toilets will not be made available during the 1-hour slot apart from in the case of an emergency

· Young people will be asked to arrive 5 minutes before their session starts

· If young people are late, they will not be able to overrun into the next session

· Young people will be asked to leave the site immediately after their session finishes

· Arrival and departure lanes will be put in place by CACT staff

Holiday courses

Click here for details about and to book a place on upcoming holiday football course sessions in South East London and Kent.

Carrying on online

Young Greenwich has launched a virtual youth offer comprising a wide range of sessions from Monday to Saturday.

The Extra Time Hub run in partnership with the EFL Trust has continued catch-up and singalong calls on Wednesday mornings.

CACT’s mentoring programme is currently telephone-based.

CACT’s Post-16 Football & Education Academy has returned and the 2020/21 programme started in September. Click here to hear about what 17-year-old Jakey got out of the programme during lockdown.

Counselling run in the Royal Borough of Greenwich is currently an online and telephone-based service.

CACT’s smoking cessation programme is running new weekly group Zoom calls from 11am on a Saturday.

Greenwich Community Hub

Between April-September, the Greenwich Community Hub received over 106,000 calls and delivered over 4,219 food boxes to vulnerable residents.

The Hub supported those who have not got a family member, friend or neighbour who can help, with phone lines open from 8.30am to 6pm six days a week. CACT staff and partners also collected and delivered prescriptions, made friendship calls and helpe with dog walking. Read about how the Hub helped Emma’s mum receive medication.

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