Mission Statement

Using the power of football, Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) works in partnership with local communities to empower individuals to improve their lives and their environment. 

CACT’s ground breaking and innovative programmes are delivered through a regular presence in schools and working with disadvantaged or socially excluded groups in society, through crime reduction initiatives and community based football coaching sessions.

The types of programmes delivered by CACT fit under seven strands of work:

  • Early Help and Prevention
  • Education
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Football and Sports Development
  • Health Improvement
  • Social Action and Enterprise
  • Youth Services

All of CACT’s staff, both officers delivering and office staff, then work to the following VALUES:

  • RESPECT - We will treat all service users, partners, staff and volunteers with respect at all time
  • TRUST - We will trust each other to uphold the values of the organisation at all times
  • INCLUSIVITY - We will ensure that every aspect of our work is inclusive at all times and ensure that all members of the community are welcome and supported to access our programmes
  • EQUALITY - We will endeavour, through our programmes to develop equality of opportunity for all people within the communities we serve
  • COMMITMENT - We will show commitment to all of our service users and partners and are committed to providing quality programmes for the communities we serve
  • INTEGRITY - We will always act with integrity in every aspect of our work
  • EMPOWERMENT - We will empower the communities we serve by providing opportunities for improved and higher levels of education, health, physical activity, inclusion and equality
  • PASSION - We will always deliver our programme with passion and we are passionate about creating positive outcomes for and improving the lives of our service users, partners, staff and volunteers. And in doing so improve the communities we serve 


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