E-Z bike

The E-Z cycle scheme is available to anyone who lives, works or studies in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

People can hire an E-Z bike for just £10 a month. One participant is very thankful for the e-bikes. Not having a car to get around, the E-Z bike allowed him to travel to and from work.

"Getting to places has been much easier and faster now I've had an E-Z bike. It has been a most convenient way to get places which I thought were too far to walk to, also doing small journeys, and the pannier has come in good use with my shopping.

"Now I've been able to get back to work and have since bought a cheap car.

"The CACT team have been very supportive in helping me. Now I feel less stressed and more physically active. My mental well-being has improved since I've been in contact with the team."

Click here to hire an E-Z bike.

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