CACT’s Kicks project uses the medium of sport to engage with young people and it’s targeted at those living in communities where they are considered to be more vulnerable to crime either as victims or potential offenders.

The programme builds safer, stronger and more respectful communities through the development of young peoples’ potential, and engages youngsters who had previously proven difficult to reach and guides them towards a range of healthy and constructive activities.

A key objective is to break down barriers between police and young people and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the targeted areas. The free sessions for 11 – 18 year olds are proven to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and increase interest in sports, while creating life changing opportunities that lead young people to find employment and education.

Update (03/06/20):

From Saturday 13 June, CACT is proposing to reopen its community 3G pitch for Premier League Kicks sessions.

Click here to read the full plan CACT has put together for resuming Kicks sessions while ensuring it continues to follow government guidelines.

A summary of these guidelines is below:

  • CACT pitch to be divided up into 4 areas
  • Initial attendees to be known to CACT and invited to attend
  • Young people from Greenwich and Bexley can register their interest by emailing Kim Dixson (address below)
  • 2 young people will be allocated a 1-hour slot in each of the 4 areas of the pitch
  • They must remain in their allocated area and always remain 2 metres apart
  • Each pairing will be provided with cones, 2 footballs and a goal to use
  • The equipment provided will be colour-coded to correspond with a colour-coded area
  • 10-minute gaps to be scheduled in between each session for site clearing and equipment cleaning

  • CACT coaches will not deliver any structured sessions
  • CACT coaches will manage all aspects of safety while young people are on site
  • Competitive football will not be allowed
  • Young people will be encouraged to focus their training around fitness, passing and shooting
  • No spectators are allowed on site unless required to administer medication in a medical emergency
  • CACT toilets will not be made available during the 1-hour slot apart from in the case of an emergency
  • Young people will be asked to arrive 5 minutes before their session starts
  • If young people are late, they will not be able to overrun into the next session
  • Young people will be asked to leave the site immediately after their session finishes
  • Arrival and departure lanes will be put in place by CACT staff

To express an interest in attending a session, email Kim Dixson, CACT's London Social Inclusion Coordinator, at, or register here.

Helen, whose daughter Mel attended the first adapted Kicks session on 13 June, said:

“Mel really enjoyed it: first time out the house in months, first time I’ve seen her this happy. Just to be able to kick a ball on a pitch for the first time since March so thank you”.

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