Premier League Primary Stars programme

Primary Stars is one of the CACT programmes that will continue to run from 5 November. For more information about the programme, please email CACT's Premier League Programme Officer, Anthony Quarm, at


Premier League Primary Stars is an education programme which aims to inspire learning, promote an active lifestyle and develop important life skills.

The programme targets two main beneficiaries; young people aged 5-11 years old and primary school teachers.

For teachers, the aim is to increase their confidence, knowledge and skills in teaching PE. For young people, the aim is to provide engaging sessions that increase enjoyment and participation in sport and physical activity. Furthermore, we deliver PSHE, English and Maths sessions in order to improve attainment, school engagement and aid social development.

CACT’s Primary Stars delivery is bespoke to each school in order to achieve maximum impact on pupils, the school and our local community.

Successes of the programme include:

  • Improved teachers’ confidence of delivering PE and sport
  • Increased pupils’ enjoyment of PE & sports
  • Improved pupils’ attitudes towards learning (English, Maths & PSHE)
  • Improved pupil attendance
  • Increased participation in competitive sport and activities

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