Youth Health Champion

If you're 14+ or above why not develop your own Families Plus Activity Project, organise trips and plan events for your family and community?

Charlton Athletic Community Trust, in partnership with the Royal Borough of Greenwich Early Help team are supporting young people to become leaders in health within their communities. 

As part of this course you will gain an RSPH Level 2 certificate for Youth Health Champions which is equivalent to a GCSE A - C.

The RSPH level 2 Youth Health Champion qualification is for individuals with an interest in health and wellbeing who want to help their peers develop a healthier lifestyle. This qualification enables learners to provide peer support through an understanding of the individual and social drivers of healthy and unhealthy behaviours as well as signposted local health services. It will also provide knowledge of health and wellbeing issues relevant to the learner and develop skills to deliver positive health messages.

It consists of four basic modules to give a basic understanding of the Key Determinants of Health, followed by a research task about physical activity and health facilities for families in your community. 

If you are over 16 or over you can become a CACT Youth Health Champion and volunteer alongside our team. 

The pre-course assessments are taking place at the end of January Book your place here!

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