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"Through my volunteering I am getting experience so that is going to help I can also go back to college and do a course in health and social care which I’m looking to possibly do in September."

C, 16 year old male who attended an alternative education and employment support programme.

The club has a good vibe which boosts my mood and helps when I’m feeling low. Getting involved in activities at the club has boosted my confidence and the help towards my CV has encouraged me to apply for jobs.

JC 17 from Eltham

"A while ago I never had the confidence to do much really that’s why I started going with the wrong group. But ever since I have been coming here it has boosted my confidence up and instead of doing the wrong things I am going on a straight route."

T, 15 year old female who attended an alternative education and employment support programme.

I wake up in the morning and once I start coaching I am like re-started if you know what I mean, and that’s what I love about it, I am really happy about it, and I want to do it more.

T, 17 year old male who participated in CACT’s trainee programme, other sports development programmes and works now as a casual coach for CACT.

I can breathe better and I can exercise longer. I smell better, everything is better I just generally feel better.

D, 40 year old male who quitted smoking through CACT’s Kick the habit programme.

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